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Hi, I am Renate! Born and raised in Leiden and after a trip to Rotterdam during my student years I returned to Leiden. Now I live together with my husband Bram and our 2 sons (12 and 10) in Leiderdorp.

Working with people is the common thread in my career. I have worked for over 25 years in various HR roles. For years I have been interested in the workings of the human body. In 2007 I did a training in sports massage, even before that a Reiki training and secretly I regret not being able to study medicine!

I made the switch to naturopathy a few years ago by doing the Post-HBO training for Integral Lifestyle & Vitality Coach, looking at people holistically in totality, body and mind in balance. Well and then I had entered a kind of "candy store" of naturopathy and I started to specialize further.

I find it a privilege to guide couples with fertility problems to a healthy pregnancy. Inexplicably infertile" still means that there are possibilities, right? Together we make sure that you are in optimal shape (physically & mentally), so that all signals are green for a successful conception and pregnancy.

And if you are pregnant, you want to enjoy it as much as possible, without complaints, unprocessed emotions and without too much stress. My greatest passion is to make a small contribution to 1 of the most life-changing events in your life, having a baby.

In recent years I have learned a lot & gained a lot of experience and I take from my 'toolbox that which is needed to achieve results. Custom made! I haven't stopped learning, so I'm sure something will be added to the list below.

  • HBO Education Personnel & Labor
  • Sports massage/pregnancy massage
  • Reiki
  • Post HBO - Integral Lifestyle & Vitality Coach
  • Lifestyle & Vitality Trainer
  • Basic orthomolecular advisor
  • Orthomolecular advisor therapist
  • Basic medical knowledge HBO
  • Specialization: Women's issues Ralph Moorman (The Hormone Factor)
  • Specialization: Hormones & Women's Complaints at the Ortho Health Foundation
  • Advanced module Fatigue - Ortho Health Foundation
  • Metabolic Syndrome in depth module - Ortho Health Foundation
  • Vitakruid products knowledge meeting
  • Fittergy - Vegan Flex coach (detox) method
  • Fittergy - Sportfasting coach (detox) method
  • Neurofeedback training
  • Disc - analysis & motives
  • NLP practitioner


I work in my cozy practice in Leiderdorp, a lovely place where you will quickly feel at home. There I provide my consultations and occasionally give workshops. I also work together with various midwifery practices, where I provide consultations on location (see heading Collaborations).

My life motto is: There are no perfect people in this world, only perfect intentions.

Love, Renate