How does it work?

1. Fill out questionnaires

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Prior to the first consultation, I ask you to fill out some comprehensive questionnaires and return them to me. Then I have a first impression of you, the wishes or problems and I can already enter the data into the system. This saves a lot of time in the first consultation.

Please note: In case of a child wish consultation, I also want to have the completed lists from your partner and apply this double for all the steps below. Should you become pregnant through a donor pregnancy this is not necessary.

2. Intake consult

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During the initial consultation, I take extensive time for you. Together we go through the completed questionnaires. Because of my holistic approach as integral lifestyle & vitality coach, these relate to multiple facets: including nutrition, exercise, mindset, emotions & action orientation. The total picture!

We discuss what the problem is or what complaints/desires are and what you want to work on. In a childbearing consultation, we obviously discuss this for both of you.

3. Cause of complaints

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Collecting all this information allows me to get a good picture of everything that is going on. Of the functioning of your digestion, hormones and metabolic flexibility, but also of your overall condition (physical & mental). This allows me to analyze and better identify complaints. Then I explain what needs attention and how your complaint(s) are caused.

4. Treatment Plan

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Analysis of all the above factors almost always leads to nutritional and (if necessary) supplement advice. Targeted adjustments and supplements supplement deficiencies.

Depending on the question, I make a comprehensive advice about, among other things, exercise, sleep, relaxation, breathing, meditation, mindset or I give advice for specific pregnancy ailments. If desired, we can do exercises/interventions to improve your well-being.


5. Follow-up consultations

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After the intake, I work out the treatment plan/advice. We discuss this together in an initial follow-up consultation, everything is covered here. Together we will schedule follow-up consultations.

Our common goal is to get pregnant, be pregnant and recover as healthy as possible after the birth of your baby. This way we can give you and the baby the healthiest possible start and you can enjoy this super special time!


NOTES. During a childbearing consultation, I will work out a treatment plan/advice for both of you and follow-up consultations will be arranged for both of you.

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