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Orthomolecular nutrition & supplements

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The term "orthomolecular" was introduced in 1968 by two-time Nobel laureate Linus Pauling. 'Orthos' means 'good' or 'right' in Greek. Molecular means with reference to molecules. With this, he introduced a new concept regarding the meaning of nutrition for health. Orthomolecular Therapy thus aims to correct the body at the molecular level.

The body is made up of billions of cells. These cells can only function properly if the right nutrients are present. If the cells are properly fed, there is little chance of disease developing.

Pauling emphasized first and foremost the use of good, varied food supplemented with nutritional supplements as an essential supplement for optimal health.

Getting pregnant/being pregnant and orthomolecular advice

Especially if you want to get pregnant or are already pregnant, it is very important that your health is optimal. After all, you are not only healthy for yourself, but also for a new life. If you get healthy nutrients, so will your baby.

The beauty of orthomolecular therapy is that big results can be achieved with small adjustments.

Based on your symptoms or needs, we can find out which specific nutrients you lack and which vitamins, minerals and trace elements are effective for certain symptoms. In this way you can support your body optimally. Also with pregnancy ailments such as pelvic instability, nausea, hard bellies, muscle cramping (at night), cystitis, hemorrhoids, constipation or stretch marks, an orthomolecular approach can provide good support.

My orthomolecular nutrition and supplementation advice is always complementary to regular medical treatments.

What can orthomolecular counseling do for you?

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